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DIGITAL DEBT COLLECTION MARKETING, The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative is the ARM Industries go to marketplace and resource center for...............

"All Things Credit and Collections"

Simply put, we have the answers and solutions to address any need of the credit and collection professional . Our members are the ARM industry's thought leaders and our most experienced professionals who collectively provide the necessary education, debt collector compliance and certification training along with the best business services available from all sectors of credit management. 

Attorneys, creditors, collection agencies, debt collectors and consumers alike will find the resources they need to navigate the sometimes murky waters of credit and collection. Business associates, customers, or just interested person's can find their path to the resources necessary for greater understanding of our industry, the key to continued and ongoing education of the industry and the consumers we serve.

Our organization is dedicated to creating a lively platform for all credit and collection professionals where you can enhance your business, be a success story and become the financial success you've worked so hard so long all your career to achieve. Professionals that have vision can see that the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative can be the perfect complement to you, your group or organization. 

Our plan is quite simple yet ambitious. The Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative wants be your springboard to connect with and reach any audience you seek. Business associates, customers, or just interested persons can all find their path to greater business success by being a member of the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative, where you can find all things credit and collections.

We want to invite all debt collection and credit professionals to use our organization and portal to the world of credit and collections to promote themselves, communicate with like minded career professionals, buy and sell their products or if you just want to be a part of our cooperative, just for the news and insights from the preeminent authorities in our industry.

We believe, the key to business success and financial success is being found. Sometimes it’s tough, lots of good competition out there, real hard for the” Lone Rangers” cause the truth is, most people in our profession don't know who, the is the best of the best are and have no idea how to find them.

Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative wants everyone in our industry to know who you are and what you do. Our portal to the world of all things credit and collection is your Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative.

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  • 17 Aug 2016 6:48 PM | Anonymous



    Alan Thompson

    Credit Management Professional

    Why Employ A Professional Debt Collector?

    Apr 14, 2016


    A professional debt collector is the most effective and cost efficient collection tool a creditor can utilize to collect their charged off accounts and judgments because of their business model. To fully understand I will explain in detail.

    After an account ages and the creditor fails to collect, an attorney is retained to pursue a judgment on medium to large balance accounts. Once the judgment is awarded, the creditor will request the attorney to record it against the real property listed on the debtor’s credit application.  If the judgment has a large balance, the creditor will ask the attorney to conduct an asset search.  As trained in law school, attorneys will attempt to locate assets by sending written interrogatories or conduct depositions.  Usually the interrogatories are not returned or returned incomplete and debtors get “convenient amnesia” during depositions.  Both actions taken to locate assets to execute the judgment against are expensive and provide limited to no results.  

    When a creditor charges off a large volume of small balance accounts, they assign them to a collection agency. Agencies are limited in the actions they can take to collect on accounts such as making phone calls and sending letters.  Of the accounts that are collected, it usually occurs within the first four months.  Unless progress has been made on an account, no further action is taken after that time.   

    A law firm’s business model is structured to litigate. Attorneys are not taught in law school how to collect and creditors can’t afford to pay them $250 to $500 an hour to learn.  

    A collection agency’s business model is structured to handle large volume of accounts. Auto dialers are utilized to make the maximum number of calls per hour and automated systems are used to mail collection letters.   If an account is not collected within the first four months, they can’t afford to spend any more time on it because of the influx of new monthly accounts.

    A professional debt collector’s business model is the most effective and cost efficient. Because they are trained to locate debtors and their assets, accounts are collected at a higher rate.  Unlike collection agencies, all collection tools are available to them such as pursuing judgments, skip tracing, sending letters, making calls and executing judgments against real and personal property.  Also creditors do not have to pay for their services until funds have been collected unlike attorneys.

    If the methods used to collect your bad debt do not provide the results you are expecting, I recommend you contact a professional debt collector.  Within a few months, you should realize an increase in your corporate profits due to the increase in bad debt collection.


  • 17 Aug 2016 6:38 PM | Anonymous

    What area of the industry do you represent?

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    • Published on May 10, 2016
    •  Rod Turner

    Rod Turner

    Founder at Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative

    At the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative our members represent a wide array of professionals in the ARM Industry.

    What area of the industry do you represent?


    We collaborate with attorneys,  members of DBA International,  credit Issuers , educators, debt collectors, consumers, compliance officers, regulators, consultants, software providers, support staff, collection sales, Did we miss anybody?

    Sound off ARM Industry , what contributions do you make in the world of credit and collections

    Rod Turner

    Rod Turner

    Founder at Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative


  • 17 Aug 2016 4:06 PM | Anonymous

    My Turn For A New Opportunity

    • Published on August 11, 2016


    Bill Lindala

    Bill Lindala

    Director of Operations at Federated Adjustment Co., Inc.

    My article last week, “How Often Does Opportunity Knock?,” was pretty much a setup or a foreshadowing of what I am writing about now.  Within 30 days (give or take) I will ready and available for my next opportunity in this industry.

    I was employed by my current company for about 9 years, early in my career, and I have stayed in contact with the owner of the company since that time.  We started a conversation a couple of years ago and ultimately I came back to the company in April 2015.  The goal at the time was to accomplish one of two things:

    1. Work to build the company to a point where we were competitive and could operate productively and efficiently in the industry’s current climate


    2. Work that same concept, but ultimately seek to merge with another collection agency so that we could ensure that we would operate productively and efficiently in the industry’s current climate

    We have accomplished the latter and as of September 1, 2016 the company will be merging with another local collection agency in the Milwaukee area.  It was understood from the start what my role was in this process and I was well aware that I may not be joining whatever new company that we ended up merging with.  The new organization has staff in place to handle their operations and that being the case, I am given the opportunity to seek a new venture.

    That word “opportunity” again.  I didn’t look at this before, but here is a quick definition of the word “opportunity:”

    “…a set of circumstances that make it possible to do something.”

    That is exactly what this is and specifically;  “... circumstances that make it possible.”

    Looking back at my career so far, I have had so many opportunities that it’s almost hard to believe.  I saw a quote recently, that I thought was cool:

    “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.” - Stephen R. Covey

    I enjoyed the quote because I believe it to be true.  I mentioned before that I have made plenty of decisions about my career, many of them calculated and some of them just because they felt right.  This happens to be a combination of both.  I rejoined this company with a goal, which we accomplished.  I also came in knowing that at some point (when that goal was reached), I may be moving on.  That day is approaching and I feel wonderful about it.

    So what now?  That is a question that still needs to be answered, but I have some very positive things going on right now:

    1. I created my first book recently, Debt Collection Simplified,” and if you haven’t yet, please take a moment and click through to see the preview pages. It is also available now on Kindle, although I don’t know that I am completely happy with how it converted.  (I am also working on another book – stay tuned!)

    2. I am honored to have joined the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative as a board member. We have a lot of very exciting things in the works, so please take a moment to visit the site.  We have some tweaking to do with the content, but once again there are some exciting things coming soon.

    3. I have a vast network of industry professionals and friends and I feel that will help me greatly to find my next adventure.

    Back to the “what now?”  Some years ago, I had my own small company and I did training and some consulting work for other companies in this industry (creditors and collection agencies).  Based on changes in my personal life at the time (I got divorced…), I needed to put that on the back burner.  I am open to doing that again on a contract basis (at least to begin with) if there is a need.  I know that there are companies out there that need the help and may not want to hire a full-time employee, and those are the folks that I would like to talk to.

    My background is detailed fairly well in my profile, but I do have a strong background with collector training.  I am a Professional Collection Specialist and a Trainer Specialist through ACA International and I have also done sales in this industry and trained other sales reps.

    I am a compliance nerd of sorts and although I am not an attorney, I am very familiar with The FDCPA and have trained hundreds of reps on The Act and how to be compliant on the phone.  I also prepared about 150 reps at the last organization for their ACA International, Professional Collection Specialist testing, and 85% passed their first time through.  The remainder were certified after further review and a second test.  We were even recognized by ACA for the accomplishment;  “ACA’s Professional Collection Specialist Training and Exam.”

    I am more than willing, of course, to accept a full-time position with a company in this industry, but my only limitation is that I am not willing to relocate.  My son has 3 years of high school left and it is important for me to be here for him and with him.

    I understand that not being able to relocate may limit my opportunities, but I also know that there are many companies that offer remote positions, so I am optimistic.  I can be contacted through LinkedIn if you would like or feel free to email me directly which is my personal email.   

    I’m ready for the next challenge, so let’s talk!

    (If you wouldn’t mind, please share this with your network.  I would appreciate it)

  • 17 Aug 2016 3:06 PM | Anonymous

    Webinar vs. Seminar – What Is More Effective?

    Webinar vs. Seminar – What Is More Effective?

    • Published on August 15, 2016


    Bill Lindala

    Bill Lindala

    Director of Operations at Federated Adjustment Co., Inc.

    I don’t know everything, which is no shock to anyone that is close to me, but the majority of what I do know, I have learned from others.  I am guessing that most of us are the same in that regard.

    The credit and collection industry is complex (to say the least) and it changes daily, so we need to keep on top of everything… all of the time.  The easiest way to do that is by attending training sessions and they are offered in a variety of ways:

    1. In-house trainer (an employee)

    2. Webinars

    3. Outside or in-house seminars (offered by a third party)

    I attend a lot of webinars and they are invaluable most of the time.  The information is quick, easy to access and then I can get on with my day.  I also attend some outside seminars and conferences and in my opinion, I don’t attend enough.  I enjoy the outside meetings for many reasons, but here are a few:

    1. Networking with industry professionals

    2. Hands on learning

    3. The open sharing of ideas and concepts

    4. The ability to get questions and concerns answered immediately

    When I attend a webinar, I am usually at my desk and invariably, I am interrupted by someone or something and I am not completely focused on what I am supposed to be learning.  Granted, that’s my own fault, but it’s also the way it is when I am sitting in my normal work environment.

    I have noticed the same thing when a group of people at an organization get together in a conference room to listen to a webinar.  The laptops and phones are out and I know for a fact, they are not out just to be used as learning devices.  It’s just the way that it is in the normal work environment.

    I would like to see more outside seminars offered in this industry or worst case, have outside third parties offer to come in and do the seminar in-house.  I am all about the items that I noted above (why I enjoy them) and I don’t think that I am alone.

    Rather than sit back and wait for this to happen, I’m going to just work on doing it, with the help of the Professional Debt Collectors Cooperative.  I mentioned that we have some interesting things in the works and this is one of them.

    Of course we can’t do it alone and we need to see what the interest is, so I set up a short, anonymous survey that I would like you to take 2 minutes to complete. This is your industry and in order to provide what you want, we do need feedback.   It’s only 5 questions and they are multiple choice, so seriously, it will only take a couple minutes.  

    Please keep in mind when answering the questions, that we are looking at providing these in various local areas, so travel would be minimal for the employees and there shouldn’t be any expenses such as hotel and meals.  Here is the link:

    Outside Seminar Survey

    The other idea that I have, is to involve an industry vendor at each event to help us facilitate the session.  If you are a vendor reading this, please let me know if your company would be interested.  You can email me at and any questions or specific comments from anyone else can also be emailed to me.

    We look forward to seeing the results and we also look forward to helping this industry.

    Don’t forget to check out my book, " Debt Collection Simplified."

    The link will lead you to preview images, including the table of contents and a few sample pages.  You will also have the option to purchase the book through two different sources.

    I set up a Discount Code ( PG5S2MD4 ) that will take $5.00 off of the price of the book, but that code can only be used through the CreateSpace link.  The discount will not apply if ordered through Amazon, but a Kindle version is available.

    Feel free to pass along the discount code and thank you for any support!


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